What is the best rod for jigging?

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what is the best jigging rod

Choosing The Best Jigging Rod

Choosing the right best jigging rod is the first, and most significant choice you want to make to effective dance fish. Utilizing some unacceptable pole won't just influence your project. However, it costs you many missed fish. Bass dances need to defeat snags that most baits don't, and without the right bar, it's difficult to get a dance to perform accurately and productively.

Flipping and Pitching
The principal obstruction is the kinds of regions you need to project a dance. In view of their weed guard, dances can get into a few tight regions and thick cover without getting hung up.

In any case, in the event that a bass nibbles in those areas it tends to be challenging to haul it out of there. That is the place where having a strong bar with a ton of spine is fundamental for pull power.

The weed guard additionally makes a few impediments notwithstanding. It can likewise keep you from attaching to a fish. A strong hook set is essential in dance fishing. On the off chance that your pole is too delicate, you won't be going to have the option to get the snare past the weed guard and cover it in the fish's mouth. Particularly the muscular snares that dances ordinarily have.

The best bass jig rod for dances will be appraised for weighty power with quick activity tips. A more drawn-out bar functions admirably with dances, so you need a projecting pole that is something like seven feet. Such a large amount of dance fishing is tied in with raising and bringing down the bar tip. This implies the more extended the bar, the more line you get as you raise it.

Best jigging rod Specs

Here are the details you ought to have on a bar utilized for dance fishing:

  • Casting Rod
  • 7′-0″ or longer
  • Heavy Power
  • Quick Action

A jigging bar isn't something you need to hold back on. An ineffectively fabricated pole won't have the responsiveness that an all-around made bar has. This doesn't mean you need to go crazy, yet you shouldn't spend under 100 bucks on a dance bar.

Dance fishing is tied in with identifying nibbles. So without a very delicate bar, you will miss a great deal of them. Furthermore, tragically the large bass typically hit dances delicately.

There's an organization in Ohio that makes truly pleasant poles called Elite Rods. Their Elite Black Series Jig Rod is the ideal bar for fishing dances in the 3/8 oz to 3/4 oz range.

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