Best Pontoon Boats Reviews In 2019

Looking around for the best pontoon boats to beat the heat in the summer, not mention catch some big fish. Today’s pontoon boats have gone an extended approach and supply more room and luxury than before. Performance and options wise they’ve improved a great deal, and different kinds are accessible too. Of course, the question is, how do you realize the proper kind of pontoon boat for you? to create things easier we've got narrowed the list down and picked the best pontoon boats on the market these days.See Our Other Reviews fishing line

      Best Pontoon Boats in 2019 – Comparisons:








Classic Accessories Colorado XT 

ABYC standards

Seat and footrests adjustable

Steel tube frame


Sea Eagle Green 375fc


safety net

Folding system

1000 Denier Reinforced


 Classic Accessories Colorado 

ABYC standards

Footrests adjust

Steel tube frame


Sea Eagle 285fpb


NMMA Certified


1000 Denier Reinforced


Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

ABYC standards

Footrests adjustable

Steel tube frame


Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float

Safety flag holder

Adjustable backpacking



Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float

Safety flag pocket

adjustable backrest



Sea Eagle 285 Pontoon Boat

durable materials


1000 Denier 36 mil


Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat

ABYC standards

Seat and footrests adjustable

Steel tube frame


     9 Best Fishing Pontoon Boats – Reviews:

1. Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

The Colorado XT by Classic Accessories is a 9' pontoon boat that contains a four hundred pound capability, versatile storage choices, an integrated transport wheel that aids in moving the Colorado XT to the water and stows when you are fishing, and removable gear baggage (with enclosed shoulder strap) that give customizable storage with twenty pockets and 2 insulated drink holders. The Colorado XT's sturdy construction options brass implement locks, heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant coated PVC bottoms and hard nylon tops, cold and heat-resistant HD vinyl bladders, a robust powder-coated steel tube frame, and 7' two-piece aluminum oars. Its several options additionally embrace a 2 position weatherproof motor mount, wire rear storage and battery platform, removable husking basket for facet or lap mounting, 2 detachable foam fly patches, a multi-position rod holder, absolutely adjustable deluxe cushiony seat, and a front boat retention twine.

The ingenious anchor system includes a fillable mesh bag, and a cleat and the pulley-block system will route the anchor on either facet of the boat. This boat is prepared for your next journey on the stream, lake, or pool with a category one stream rating. The Colorado disturbance meets the strict safety standards of the ABYC, and additionally includes safety options like a better ride for improved visibility, combination fill/quick deflation valves, tow rings, non-slip footrests, and a singular dual-side husking apron with the fish ruler that enables simple entry and exit while not unclipping. They've got additionally enclosed a free trial membership to Trout Unlimited. With all these features it has taken its the place to the best pontoon boats list.

Features Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

  • Removable gear bags
  • Anchor system with a fillable mesh bag
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Rugged two-piece 7' aluminum oars.
  • Preferable to use manual pumps


  • Classic materials
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Gear bag


  • Powder coated tube frame
  • Tow rings
  • Cushiony seat is not very comfortable

2. Sea Eagle Green FoldCat Fishing Boat:

Pontoon boats are one of the best pontoon boats. Thanks to getting to places wherever fish are hiding, however, who's got 35- to forty minutes to place a ship together like needed for many tubular frame pontoon boats. The FoldCat375fc includes a distinctive folding network that may be inflated and assembled in five minutes by one person. It can take up to a 3hp gas engine, however motors okay with a little motor. 2 swivel seats enable you to show the follow the fish where they swim. in contrast to alternative pontoon boats with thin bladders inside a significant and porous outer baggage, the Foldcat375fc features one thousand denier reinforces expansive hull - a bit like the ocean Eagle Sports Boats that handle up to 40H.P. This boat weighs solely 75-lbs, however, includes a banging two person/650-lb capability.

Features Sea Eagle Green 375fc:

  • 12' 4" x 4' 6"
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • 1000 Denier Reinforced
  • Quadruple Overlap Seams
  • 2 Adults or 650 lbs
  • 3 hp gas (15" Shaft) or 70 lbs.
  • Thrust Electric Motor (45 lbs. max wt.)


  • Two independent air chambers
  • Quadruple Overlap Seams
  • Halkey Roberts one way


  • Distinctive folding network
  • Two person/650-lb capability
  • 3 hp gas (15" Shaft) only

3. Classic Accessories Colorado Boat:

The Colorado inflatable personal pontoon fishing boat offers large storage capacity; includes over twenty pockets and a couple of insulated drink holders. Weatherproof motor mount. Wire rear storage and battery platform. fishing pole holder has mounted in half dozen totally different positions. Integrated anchor system with a fillable mesh bag, wire and block are mounted from either facet or back. clastic foam fly patch. cushioned plastic seat for further comfort. three oar-lock positions. Seat mount and footrests befit any leg length. distinctive dual-side uncovering apron with fish ruler permits entry and exit of a pontoon boat while not un-clipping. Rides high for improved visibility. Combination fill/quick deflation valves. Tow rings. Non-slip footrests. 

However, No tools required for assembly. Brass implement locks. heavy pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and hard nylon first-rate. Powder coated steel tube frame. 7' two-piece metal oars. Cold and warmth resistant bladders. 9' pontoons. 400 lb. capacity. watercourse rating-Class I. Assembled weight sixty-nine lbs. With all these features it is in the best pontoon boats list.

Features Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

  • Anchor System with a fillable mesh bag
  • Cleat and pulley controls
  • Sturdy two position Motor mount
  • Three oar-lock positions
  • Padded fold-down plastic seat
  • 9' river capable pontoon boat


  • Classic materials
  • Storage options
  • Fly patch


  • Brass implement locks
  • Weight sixty-nine lbs
  • Footrests is not suitable

4. Sea Eagle 285fpb Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

The 285FPB fishing pontoon boat is in the best pontoon boats because it is transportable, light-weight, and designed for rugged use. This boat weighs solely forty-two lbs. Fully inflated the 285FPB tube boat is nine foot long, however, once deflated you'll work it in a bag. The hull is formed from solid materials, making certain its sturdiness. Swivel seat is elective, and once put in provides you with a high seat with 360-degree capability. The floorboard is formed of wood, supplying you with an area to forged. due to its versatile style, you'll use the 285FPB boat in lakes, seawater flats, rivers and a lot of.

Features Sea Eagle 285fpb:

  • Only 42 pounds
  • Sets up in 4 minutes
  • Full fabric floor
  • Aluminum step bench
  • 4 carry handles
  • 2 built-in rod holders


  • Lightweight
  • Quadruple overlap
  • Recessed 1-way


  • High seat
  • Elective swivel seat
  • The floorboard is formed of wood

5. Classic Accessories Roanoke Boat:

The new ocean Eagle 285FPB Pontoon may be a rugged, light-weight, super transportable boat for the fisherman. One-person boat weighs simply forty-two pounds, packs in an exceedingly
tiny bag, and maybe rowed forward or backward. This concealment 9-foot expansive vessel fits simply in an automobile trunk and sets up in only five minutes. The one thousand deniers strengthened hull material will take a pounding--Sea Eagle claims you'll hit it with a claw hammer--and still maintain its integrity. The optional motor mount accepts an electrical motor or up to three horsepower gas engine for easy driving. Optional swivel seat permits the fisherman to sit down even higher and switch 360 degrees. 

However, The picket floorboard provides the fisherman with a platform to stand up and cast. The 285fpb may be used on remote ponds, tiny or massive lakes, wilderness rivers, inland bays, or water flats. better of all, as a result of there are not any components to assemble. Item includes swivel seat, Motor mount, floorboard, foot pump, oar set, carry bag, stow pouch, side/stern bag and uncovering apron. All these features make this one of the best pontoon boats.

Features Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

  • Mesh under-seat apron
  • Zippered armrest pockets
  • Rear storage platform
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Footrests adjust to a wide range of leg lengths
  • Fabric rear storage platform, mesh under-seat apron


  • Storage platform
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Integrated armrest pockets


  • Optional motor mount
  • Fabric rear storage
  • Uncovering apron

6. Classic Accessories Cumberland Float:

The Cumberland earns a spot in our list of the most effective pontoon boats because of its sturdiness. This float tube features a high seat for higher visibility, ideal for warm fishing. Cumberland expansive Fishing Float Tube hull is totally hydraulics for superior steering and handling, and also the shoulder straps are adjustable. The PVC bottom is strengthened, and also the mesh platform provides many storages. Speaking of storage, there's a mesh stuff pock and nothing pockets, and some of insulated drink holders.

  Features Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float:

  • Maximum capacity 350 pound
  • Backpackable float tube
  • Hydrodynamic hull shaped
  • Thickly padded seat
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Extra high seat
  • Ample storage
  • Fish Ruler


  • Hull shaped
  • 350-pound capacity
  • Padded seat

7. Classic Accessories Togiak Float:

The Togiak Pontoon Float Tube is right if you’re searching for the best pontoon boats to relax on. The pontoon boat for fishing ought to be light-weight and at twelve lbs. That’s exactly what you get. fitting the float tube only takes some minutes, and also the structure seat’s backrest is adjustable. There are mesh, spinning reel and equipment pockets for your stuff thus you don’t get to worry regarding wherever to place your drink and tackle. High seat provides glorious visibility and also the pontoon boat is constructed for long run use.

Features Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float:

  • Max capacity 300 pound
  • High back stadium seat
  • Roomy armrest storage
  • The rear mesh storage platform
  • Safety flag pocket
  • Horizontal rod holder


  • Classic touch
  • Stadium Seat
  • Ample storage


  • 300-pound capacity
  • High back
  • High seat

8. Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat:

Sea Eagle's Frameless Fishing Boats are the best pontoon boats because it is commodious, light-weight, ultra-portable, pack into a small bag, and may be stowed in tiny areas. nice for lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or nearly any body of water Sea Eagle Frameless Fishing Boats can take you wherever you would like to travel. And wherever most different boats would not dare! as a result of they need no frames they pack down tiny and lightweight and since they do not need a trailer.  You'll be able to carry them to the foremost remote exhausting to achieve locations wherever fish hide most! giant air chambers permit these Frameless Fishing Boats to support an unbelievable quantity of weight. 

Nonetheless draft as very little as four inches of water. which means you've got access to shallower waters wherever heavier boats don't. As a result of they're equipped with universal Scotty Mounts, you'll be able to customize these Frameless Fishing Boats as you wish! Outfit them with multiple rod holders, device mount, anchor lock, running lights, bait board or cup holders. the professional Package has the super snug swivel seat, floorboard, motor mount, a baring apron, clip on pack pouch and side/stern bag, and a pair of Scotty Rod Holders. good for the fisherman that already has his own motor. conjointly includes AB285 oars, fast unharness Seatmount, 7" pedestal, A41 Foot pump, Boat Carry Bag, Repair Kit, directions, and three-year market warranty.

Features Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable:

  • 1 person or 450 lbs capacity
  • 1000 Denier Reinforced
  • 5 Mins inflation and assembly time
  • 3 HP engine
  • Quick inflation and deflation


  • Durable materials
  • Designed for anglers
  • 3-year warranty


  • 450 lbs capacity
  • Unharness Seamount
  • Giant air chamber

9. Classic Accessories Skagit Pontoon Boat:

The Skagit inflatable pontoon boat offers large-frame features at a small-frame value. rest storage includes 2 massive zippered pockets, 10 smaller mesh pockets, and 2 drink holders. serious duty rear platform will increase storage capacity. Over the lap stripping apron with a fish ruler is ideal for anglers. enclosed anchor system makes staying in your favorite spot straightforward with no paddling. 8’ pontoons mix better of ride height and maneuverability.

Cushiony folding plastic seat is more well-off than arena seats. fast inflation and deflation valves minimize homework time. Tow rings for linking or tying up. Non-slip footrests keep your feet heat and out of the water. industrial pontoons have abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and thick nylon tops. Bronze implement locks and powder-coated steel tube frame. Weight is sixty-two lbs. 2-year warranty. All these features make this one of the best pontoon boats.

Features Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat:

  • Superior visibility rides
  • Heat and cold resistance bladders
  • Aluminum oars
  • Steel tube frame
  • Rear cargo platform
  • Lots of storage


  • Drink holder
  • Anchor cord pulley
  • Rear storage platform


  • Weight is sixty-two lbs
  • 10 smaller mesh pockets
  • PVC bottoms

     Buying The Best Pontoon Boats – Things to think about:

When selecting the best pontoon boats you've got to think about many factors. one of the mistakes that initial time patrons build is forward that value and capability are the only factors that matter. It’s true those 2 are necessary, however, there are different things that you just got to account for. We know how hard it is often to decide on a pontoon boat. initially look it might look like they’re all identical. However, we have got a great deal of expertise with pontoon boats and might tell the nice ones from the mediocre. To alter things, we've prepared these reviews. There is plenty of quality pontoon boats, however, we picked these as they’re head and shoulders higher than the remainder. in the following reviews, we’ll take a glance at their most salient options. I also have here info regarding shopping for a pontoon boat.

You’re most likely wanting to jump into the reviews and you'll do, therefore. but it’s additionally a decent plan to find out as much as you'll be able to concern the various types. With this info, you’ll have a better time deciding that one to use. differing types of Pontoon Boats If you’re planning to purchase a fishing pontoon boat, you've got to acquaint yourself with the varied models out there.

Pontoon Boat vs. Float Tube:

These 2 terms are used interchangeably. Technically speaking, pontoon boats are larger and a lot of powerful, however, what extremely matters as long because the specs match your necessities.

Heavy Duty Pontoon Boats:

Pontoon boat is often thought off of the serious duty kind if you'll be able to use it in rivers. a standard float tube is barely appropriate for lakes, therefore if you’re getting to fish in rivers, confirm it’s the serious duty type.

Remember what we have a tendency to mentioned higher than that float tubes and pontoon boats are thought of similar? Well, they’re not during this case, as a result of you'll be able to use a pontoon boat for watercourse fishing, however not a float tube.

Fiberglass Pontoon Boats:

Some pontoon boats have fiberglass materials. They’re lightweight and sturdy enough, however, repairs are often expensive compared to alternative pontoon boat material. Foam: plenty of pontoon boats are full of foam, the most reason being it offers the boat a solid fill and fewer probably to leak.

Foam filled pontoon boats are less costly than different pontoons. Surf pontoons but, are slower and poor fuel management. Like fiberglass, repairing pontoon foam boats is tough and infrequently needs professional help.


These are the foremost well-liked sorts of pontoons nowadays. you just inflate the pontoon to use, that makes them sensible for plenty of fishermen. Since they deflate you'll be able to automobiles one during a backpack or in your car. They’re additionally out there in numerous capacities and might be employed in a range of fishing locations.


Pontoon boats with aluminum pontoons have anti-corrosive properties, and they’re not getting to deteriorate even once subjected to wet. aluminum pontoons are easier to repair than alternative sorts, and they’re not significant either. The drawback with aluminum pontoon is that they will still rust if submerged in mud or sand. These additionally value quite different pontoons. therefore what's the correct form of a pontoon boat for you? For initial time patrons, an associate expansive pontoon boat is that the most sensible choice.

They’re wide out there, simple to line up and have a generous capability. On the occasion that you’re a fisher and need to use a particular motor, any of those we have a tendency to mention higher than can do. As long as you’re attentive to their limitations you’ll be fine.

            How To select Pontoon Boat?


The lighter the float tube the better particularly if you transfer on alternative gear. but you want to not specialize in weight alone. a light-weight pontoon boat should still be made up of sturdy materials, therefore, it'll hold up.

Today it’s become potential to urge prime quality expansive pontoon boats sufficiently little to place in your backpack. expansive pontoon boats are the most effective choice during this regard. These boats weigh little or no however once inflated support many pounds.

Again, whereas you would like the pontoon to be lightweight, it should still be a product of quality materials. It ought to be immune to abrasion, powder coated metal frames and general serious duty materials.


ility of a minimum of three hundred lbs. up to 450 lbs. Whatever, you want to never pack a pontoon boat, therefore, it’s at the utmost capability as that might have an effect on its performance.

It might appear odd for a manufacturer to state a most capable and not however use it. However, the pontoon is forced to figure tougher owing to the serious load, and this may have a control in the long run. Even with a motor, it’s getting to take their toll.


A superior pontoon boat contains a snug and adjustable back. It’s exhausting to stress however necessary this is often. On the event of, you’re getting to pay the complete day fishing on the pontoon, you've got to be as snug as attainable. There ought to even be a cushty and adjustable footrest.

Pockets and Storage:

There's a mixture of zippered and mesh pockets and rear storage. With the condition that, you’re going fishing, further pockets and storage are necessary because it reduces the things you've got to hold in your bag.

If you don’t carry tons of gear, the presence of extra pockets might not be necessary, except for most anglers and fishermen these pockets are essential. Another necessary feature is that the fishing pole holder because it should be handily set.

If you hunt pontoon boats online, you’re getting to see that makers build a giant dole out of pockets and storage, underscoring their importance. Whenever, you’re getting to fish for extended periods, the additional pockets are a necessity.

Motor Mount:

The best fishing pontoon boats have a mount, therefore, you'll be able to install a gas or motor. The capability varies {and, therefore, |then|so|and then} will the got wind of so you’ll be got to do some analysis. Provided that, you have already got a motor, it’s merely a matter of shopping for a pontoon boat that may handle your motor. These are just a few of the foremost common options you must seek for when shopping for a pontoon boat. Wherever, you become accustomed to these options and what they will do, you won’t have any issues distinctive one from the opposite.

All right, currently that you just grasp the pertinent facts regarding pontoon boats, it’s time we took a glance at the reviews.

Final Words:

So which of those pontoon boats is perfect for you? It depends on what form of pontoon boat you’re searching for. In case, you’re searching for a float tube you'll be able to backpack, we suggest any of the Classic Accessories, especially the Cumberland and Roanoke. On the off chance your main concern is sturdiness and accepts a gas motor, any of the ocean Eagles here can meet your wants.

There is plenty of versions out there and cargo capability varies, therefore, you'll be able to have your choice. we notably just like the adjustability and stability of the 285FB and also the Fold Cat. If we have a tendency to had to select one, it'd be the Classic Accessories Cumberland, because it is well-padded, convenient and has received plenty of positive reviews. however, all of those are prime quality and deserving to be enclosed during this


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