Best Jigging Rods In 2019 Reviews And Comparisons

Best Jigging Rods are usually condensed, powerful saltwater bars worked to take the vertical jiggle movement of a spectacular jig for ideal spans of time. These rods similarly need a great deal of chine in light of the fact that jigging systems are usually depended on nature, grouper, snapper, and other major species. An Ideal offshore jigging bar is light and enough delightful to pull all over for totally a long time at any given moment and decently able to deal with a powerful nucleus pattern of fishing.

Freshwater or inshore Best Jigging Rods signals for instant activity and great flexibility. The pole must take into attention working with jigs under 1/2oz of weight and fish that might be frightened kids. The light touches should be combined with the chine it takes to set pulls in big fish and give them to the boat.

What makes a Best Jigging Rods?

Search for bars fixed on extreme graphite or glass connected capacity, with platinized aluminum reel seats and either full or split EVA grips. Assistants have to have super-hard sets up that can deal with looped lines – terra cotta and delightful mixtures like zirconium are accepted. On mind-boggling jigging bars made for use with common reels, the lead guide will be situated near the foregrip to control the right line point while battling fish.

Today Best Jigging Rods are composed to work with creased lines, which have far less length than the mono line. Bars shouldn't be as strong as before. They are made to bend twofold, offering the fish a chance to fight the rod and taking the pressure off. Combined graphite/fiberglass gaps offer the mix of lightweight and quality needed for this kind of bar, and the leading part of the best jigging rods today use this agreement.

Best Jigging Rods Reviewed:

Holding in more about jigging rods with our finding of a choice of the best. We pleased at a glance special saltwater tools and some lighter and progressively elastic rods to give you the real start on looking for the best jigging bar. Also Visit Best Fishing Lines

9 Best Jigging Rods – Reviews






St. Croix Mojo Jig Fast Conventional Rod



Shimano Trevala S Medium Fast Jigging Rod


Medium Fast

Penn Carnage Medium Heavy Jigging Rod


Medium Heavy

Daiwa Vip Saltwater Jigging/Spinning Rod


Fast Action

Okuma Cedros CJ-C-601M Medium Heavy Jigging Rod


Medium Heavy

UglyStik Tiger Elite 6ft 6in Heavy Jigging Rod


Heavy Action

Penn Rampage Medium Heavy Jigging Rod


Medium Heavy

Rosewood Fuji Slow Jigging Fishing Rod



FB link Graphite 2pc Saltwater Jigging Rod



1. St. Croix Mojo Jig Fast Best Jigging Rods:

St. Croix is one of the best Jigging rod on our desired rod companies, and their Mojo series saltwater jigging rods associated ultimate power with style describing and user-friendly management. We tried out a 6ft 6in medium heavy weight rod that is made specially for straight-up jigging in saltwater. St. Croix shapes these rods on premium quality SCII carbon blanks with particularly designed leading building up Technology and linked Poly Curve technology. They come in bait casting and spinning versions and can manage 50 to 100lb twisted lines and jigs from 4 to 8 ounces.

When setting up right, the Mojo is one of the most smooth rods to work a jig with. The capability of the rod is noticeable, and we never came nearby to its stability limits. For a pure-bred heavy saltwater jigging rod, the St. Croix Mojo is one of the best Jigging rod on our pick.

Features of St. Croix Mojo Jig Fast Best Jigging Rods:

  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART)
  • Premium-quality SCII carbon with FRS for exceptional quality and
  • stability
  • Ocean Guide guides with aluminum-oxide rings and spoiling safe
  • SS304 dark casings
  • Fuji PSS-SD palming reel situate with the dark hood
  • Fuji gimbal on solid and additional amazing force models
  • Premium-review EVA handle
  • Kigan lure manager
  • Two layers of Flex-Coat moderate fix wrap up
  • Underwraps on aides for contained insurance
  • Manufacturer's 5-year warranty


  • Underwraps on aides for contained insurance
  • Supreme stability
  • Super powerful


  • For weighty use only
  • 1 piece rod is tough to move
  • High price point

2. Shimano Trevala S Medium Best Jigging Rods:

The Shimano Trevala is a new brand of traditional jigging rod that uses new technology to touch weight and section while controlling the best durability. This rod is especially thin and sensitive in the hand, yet it can work a 6oz jig and bend nearly double without trouble. Graphite/glass combined vacant with Shimano ownership C4S building, slight Fuji Alconite guides, and graphiteylon reel spots help to compact all extra weight. The result is a bar that is so light and enjoyable that it senses like pan-fishing in a lake until you remember the 80lb Power-line on your reel. If you have ever needed to fight huge fish on light tool, the Shimano Trevala is one of the best Jigging rod you have to choice. It is our encouraged in the light instrument, quick action grade.

Feature of Shimano Trevala S Medium Fast Jigging Rods:

  • C4S confining improvement for spread curve quality and affect the ability
  • Little distance across the bar for diminished by and big weight
  • EVA handle holds for accepted condolence and maintain
  • Fuji alconite guides 
  • Fuji reel situate
  • Different setups available
  • Demonstrate: TVSS63MH


  • Amazingly light and sensitive
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Shimano quality and service


  • 1 piece rod is difficult to transport
  • High price point

3. Penn Carnage Medium Heavy Best Jigging Rods:

The Penn Carnage is one of the best Jigging rod which can deposit a spinning reel if liked. Especially Designed for straight crashed from a boat in saltwater, the Penn has sensitive feel with outstanding power. The power of this rod is amazing in an illustration to its light, enjoyable feel in the hand. It can supply line weights up to 80lbs, and jigs to 7oz. The stamina you need to find grouper out of their choices or fight big simple is there, but it is also good to feel lighter bites from tiny fish. We felt the whole balance of the rod was better with a common or rounded bait casting reel seated, but that is a personal choice. The Carnage comes at a fairly high price point, but this is a good quality rod that will provide years of service.

Feature of Penn Carnage Medium Heavy Best Jigging Rods:

  • SLS3 clear development
  • Fuji K guides with Alconite fixed
  • Non-slip fore-grip
  • PAC Bay aluminum reel situate
  • Aluminum gimbaled


  • Powerful and perfect combined
  • Easy and Comfortable to use
  • Penn quality


  • Only comes in condensed lengths
  • 1 piece rod is difficult to transport

4. Daiwa Vip Saltwater Best Jigging/Spinning Rods:

The Diawa VIP is a solid E-Glass rod with a little more length that offers it the capability to work for both jigging and casting lures. The VIP quick Action is not a super-heavy rod for dragging the bottom of the sea up. Instead, it handles well with mono up to 40lbs and provides the shock-absorbing power desired to wear down fast-running fish like tuna and wahoo. This rod has enough nice qualities like the unfolded triangular-shaped Power-lift fore-grip, Fuji guides and reel seat, and a nylon gimbal/rubber butt cap mixture. We picked this rod because it has flexibility that you don’t get from the heavy, specialized jigging rods.

But it still works well with small to medium sized jigs and is a lot of entertaining to fight smaller fish on. If you want a more all-around model of the rod that can still work for most jigging functions, the Diawa is one of the best Spinning rods.

Feature of Daiwa Vip Saltwater Best Jigging/Spinning Rods:

  • V.I.P. Spinning Boat Rod
  • Strong E-glass clear
  • Power-lift Grip® fore-grip
  • Fuji® reel seats ( Spinning, Conventional and Trolling Models)
  • Medium Light
  • Nylon gimbal with slip-over elastic butt top (Line weight under 40lbs) 
  • Aluminum gimbal with slip-over elastic butt top (Line weight more than 40lbs)
  • Five-year constrained guarantee


  • Flexibility
  • Entertaining, sensitive feel


  • Takes mono line only
  • 1 piece rod is difficult to transport

5. Okuma Cedros CJ-C-601M Medium Heavy Jigging Rod:

The Okuma Cedros has a balance of power, quality, and afford-ability. The Cedros medium heavy is a popular go-to rod for ruled low-pitched fisherman, and charter owners who want to buy huge numbers of long-lasting rods. This rod is designed on a fiberglass blank that offers amazing strength and dragging power at the reduction of lightweight. The rod is still easy to use and touches like the convenient pyramid shape of the reel seat and the needled EVA fore-grip make up for the spare weight. The Cedros is designed for plait, with zirconium guide embeds and high-rise features that control the line off the blank and embrace.

However, We feel that glass rods assist to consume the shock transmitted by complected lines. This rod is the one to use for taking on supreme fish like the Goliath grouper or big rays. The Cedros gets our vote because it is one of the best Jigging rod.

Feature of Okuma Cedros CJ-C-601M Medium Heavy Jigging Rod:

  • E-glass clear offers fantastic pulling power
  • Glass spaces give shock less when using meshed line
  • Zirconium honest embeds decrease offensive from plaited lines
  • ALPS skyscraper 316 liked steel manage outlines
  • Skyscraper outlines keep the line off the clear and fore grasp


  • The power and durability of glass
  • Comfortable touches make long fights easier


  • Not as sensitive as a graphite rod
  • No rod bottom gimbaled

6. UglyStik Tiger Elite 6ft 6in Heavy Jigging Rod:

The honorable UglyStik brand comes through again with a brutal of a rod designed particularly for jigging on the bottom. The Tiger first-class has higher graphite pleased than many of the other UglyStiks, making for lighter weight and more sensitive feel. We pick the ultimate resolution of UglyStiks, but it comes with a soft feel. This rod seems to have put that trouble to rest. It is sensitive a lot of to let you feel the strikes even with the 7oz jig on and 150ft of line out. The Tiger first-class is made to maintain saltwater, and we love the erosion-resistant one-piece guides that remove the problem of breaking impact. softened stainless steel reel seat hoods take common and spinning reels.

Whatever, The dense EVA fore-grip is shaped to provide comfort during long fights. This rod casting well enough to be used for landing fishing or throwing big rivers. The UglyStik one of the best Jigging rod offers power and flexibility at an easy price point, making it is a good entry-level offshore jigging/spinning rod.

Feature of UglyStik Tiger Elite 6ft 6in Heavy Jigging Rod:

  • Monstrous Tech development with contained graphite for lighter weight expanded affect-ability and better-pulling force 
  • Monstrous Duff one-piece tempered steel double footed aides give the greatest toughness and prepare with embed pop-outs 
  • Battling length EVA handles with molded fore-holds for an agreeable grasp with flexible gimbals 
  • Regular reel seats with hardened steel padded hoods
  • Draw Rating 6-10, Line Rating 80-130
  • Procedure Jigging
  • Extra Heavy


  • Bulletproof manufacture
  • 1-piece guides
  • Casts well for a heavy action rod


  • Lead guide is too far straight
  • Difficult to get reel seat hard enough

7. Penn Rampage Medium Heavy Jigging Rod:

The Penn Rampage is a combined rod built for upright jigging in saltwater but flexible enough to use for bottom fishing and casting as well. Arrangement for use with typical reels, the Rampage has a corrosion-resistant shape and is strong enough to make the brand on offshore charter boats where rods have to mix afford-ability with the capability to endure abuse. Fuji aluminum oxide guides are wrapped and decorated in place and are almost durable. The heavy-duty reel seat twisted item down well, but we don’t care for the disclosed clothes that can develop on the above end rely upon on the reel being used.

As a result, We do like the fat EVA fore-grip and shaped butt with flexible gimbaled. We found this rod to be particularly sensitive and fragile for a pole that can provide the 100lb line. The Rampage one of the best Jigging rod has some of the best quality describing in this price matter and is a great fly fishing rods.

Feature of Penn Rampage Medium Heavy Jigging Rod:

  • 1-piece rounded graphite composite clear
  • Fuji guides with aluminum oxide embed
  • Twist EVA holds
  • The substantial graphite reel situate
  • Delicate and strong elastic gimbaled


  • Quality build at a low price
  • Flexible
  • Impressionable tip section


  • Tip guide is not sturdy enough
  • Disclosed threads on the top reel seat

8. Rosewood Fuji Slow Jigging Fishing Rod:

The Rosewood is a light-weight graphite fiber rod that has a slow action and impressionable feel for both jigging and casting employments. Cross-wrapped graphite fiber cloth cuts weight while charging the power high. The rod is made with the crack grip arrangement that leave the butt section of the blank exposed for better feel. Low-profile guides are designed to maintain the twisted line and are greatly strengthened. Only the Shimano Trevala came close to same this narrow-diameter rod in bottom feel sensitiveness and responsiveness to cracks.

However, The RoseWood has a lot of pulling power and can provide lines up to 30lbs on a 15lb bad situation setting. This rod surely gives up some power in contrasting to high-quality composite rods, but it will offer you the feel and achievement of a rod like the Shimano but at less than half the price. The RoseWood one of the best Jigging rod has 2-piece flexibility and is the best of the budget-priced lightweight jigging/spin casting rods.

Feature of Rosewood Fuji Slow Jigging Fishing Rod: 

  • Angling rod:1.95m Fuji Slow jigging bar
  • Accessories: Fuji Reel seat and Fuji Guide Ring
  • draw weight(max):200g
  • Line weight: PE 1-3
  • Material: High graphite Drag maintain 6kg


  • Considerable price to quality ratio
  • Very good feel
  • flexible and easily transported


  • Lead guide will not cast strong on some reels
  • Questionable brand name

9. FB link Graphite 2pc Saltwater Jigging Rod:

Fishermen looking to pick up a heavy saltwater jigging rod at a considerable price point will want to check out the FB link carbon graphite rod. This 2pc rod has a butt-joined quality that allows the feel of a 1-piece rod with the advantage of flexibility for the traveling angler. The strong Japanese TORAY carbon fiber design gives firmness and backbone for bringing big fish off the bottom. The rod is set up with pure steel guides with ceramic embeds, a graphite reel seat with closed hoods, and a completed aluminum gimbaled guarded by a rubber butt cap. Qualified to take line weights up to 80lbs and jigs up to 7oz, this rod has the looks and feel you get from far more costly tools.

However, The FB link is the condensed rod in our test, and it is exceptionally super sensitive considering how much strength it can put on. This rod one of the best Jigging rod gets our vote for the best value for the money as well as the best-built 2-piece rod.

Feature of Fiblink Graphite 2pc Saltwater Jigging Rod:

  • Hard and solid strong glass fiber development
  • 2-Piece travel structure
  • Consumption affirmation treated steel helps and aluminum reel seats
  • High-thickness EVA froth grasps
  • 6' Saltwater Trolling fishing rod
  • Tough glass fiber


  • solid and strong
  • easily transported
  • Quality describing


  • Guide legs look breakable
  • Too inflexible to cast well

The Jig is Top: 

We boast that modern jigging rods break down into 2 main types: short, bulky power beasts for genuine offshore bottom work, and the new brand of super-power, super-flexible light-weights like the Shimano Trevala. While it is alluring to have one of each, the regular fisherman might be better off going with the utility of a longer, more gentle rod that can hold jigs, throw lures, and even fish bait well. We hope this review assists you limited in on the best jigging rod for your design of fishing.

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