Best Bass Fishing Rod Reviews In 2020

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Bass Fishing rod

For plenty of fishermen, the quest for bass is the essential, driving thought process behind their selection of gear. Bass is an insatiable predator, in spite of their minor size contrasted with pelagic giants, and the battle to reel them in is viewed as the high purpose of the day for some fishermen. These impossible fish have pulled in a religion following, and concentrated apparatus is accessible for the individuals who need to pursue them. Your decision of the bass fishing rod will depend a great deal without anyone else individual technique for fishing, a lot of bass fishing is finished with a persistent strategy for casting, however, so it's in every case great to search for a lightweight rod. Most perfect rod will fall from somewhere close to seven to eight feet and be made out of graphite for the extra quality.

What is Bass Fishing?

The last thought is whether you're using a spinning rod or a throwing rod, as the poles for the two sorts of reel do have some slight contrasts in their necessities on a bar. It's conceivable much of the time to exchange reel types, however, it's very not recommended. In case you're obtaining another pole, make sure to coordinate it with the gear you'll be using. For whatever length of time that you match your rod, and ensure you pick a pole reasonable for your style of calculating you're certain to have the capacity to make a plunge into probably the most energizing battles you'll ever have on the water. We've introduced some best bass fishing bars here for you to browse and featured what each is best at with the end goal to enable you to make an informed buy.

7 Best Bass Fishing Rod-Comparisons:






St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod



JOHNCOO Carbon Baitcasting Fishing Rod



KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod



Lew's Fishing Custom Lite



Okuma's Tournament Quality



Maxcatch One-Piece Bass



Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod



1. St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod:

St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod is always great, in the world of the specific handle, for your bar to be designed for your correct reason. This fantastic arrangement of shafts from St. Croix is actually that, a basic bass bar made with the absolute best innovation accessible. These are the type of poles arrive in a wide assortment of sizes, so pick the one that will best suit your favored fishing strategy. You can get the length of St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod up to 7'11" so be careful if you're a competition fisherman as some bass competitions don't allow a pole that is in excess of seven feet long.


These are the sorts of the pole with an exceptionally loyal following, numerous bass fishermen utilize this brand only. The price is certainly somewhat higher than alternate alternatives on this rundown, yet in case you're taking a gander at making a genuine venture into your bass fishing profession, you could complete a ton more terrible at the price point. Of the poles we've gone here, this is without a doubt the best. If you settle on the keen decision and add it to your gathering of gear you'll have something that will keep going for quite a long time and is custom fitted particularly for your bass fishing needs. No motivation to falter, if you basically need outstanding amongst other bass poles you'll see, this offering from St. Croix is actually that.


  • This rod is designed from premium SCII graphite.
  • It is to a great strong and furthermore amazingly sensitive.
  • This bass fishing bar likewise add hard aluminum oxide guides with dark casings.
  • Which make for a smooth and simple guide for your fishing line.
  • For security and style, this pole additionally has two defensive layers of flex coat moderate fix wrap up.


  • check
    The affectability may take some becoming used to.

2. JOHNCOO Carbon Baitcasting Fishing Rod:

If you are searching for a casting bar that offers up a conventional price and execution then this bar will be a solid match for you. One of the principles useful with this bar is that it joins good hints, each with its very own capacity. Along these lines, if you are searching to change the power off your bar, you can do as such rapidly, guaranteeing that you can get fish of different sizes and weights. In spite of this, you ought to most likely adhere to the little bass. There is no guarantee that this fishing pole will have the capacity to reel in the greater bass and still stay intact.

This fishing pole is additionally a great decision for any people who need a bar that is anything but difficult to deal with and that is agreeable to catch.
The bar is composed of carbon fiber which makes it inconceivably lightweight and ideal for long fishing trips. The froth grasp just adds to the general solace of the bar, making it much simpler for you to utilize the pole for a considerable length of time.
If that you are searching for a bar, to begin with, at that point this will turn out to be an incredible beginner's understanding for you.


  • Useful for novice fishermen
  • Offers 3 different capacity
  • Comfortable


  • check
    May not be appropriate for bigger bass

3. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod:

The KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is a good choice for those looking for a deal. However, It's a standout amongst other priced bass fishing rods on Amazon, yet flaunts such great quality that numerous reviewers guarantee there is little contrast between this bar and their rods. It comes in a wide range of models, enabling you to choose the best one for your picked fishing strategy. There are casting and turning rods in 6'7", 7'1" and 7'4" lengths, in addition to seven-foot two-piece throwing or turning bars that accompany two hints priced to various powers.

All models match a flexible medium, medium light or medium heavy force rating with a quick activity. The spaces are produced using 24-ton carbon fiber for brilliant quality and durability, while other striking features include Fuji O-ring line manages, an EVA hold and a safety-conscious snare keeper. The ergonomic reel situate is created from high-quality graphite.


  • Astonishing quality carbon fiber dark.
  • All Perigee II one-piece and two-piece Twin-Tip poles are developed.
  • It's working KastFlex innovation spaces for power, quality, durability, and exactness.


  • The activity and balance on this rod is apparently.
  • The flexibility has a plenty of activity.

4. Lew's Fishing Custom Lite:

If you are looking for a Lew's Fishing Custom Lite that offers up a conventional price and execution then this lite will be a solid match for you. What made this rod emerge for is its structure. It has different layers of graphite all through the rod. However, This implies you get the chance to encounter extra affect-ability while not giving up quality or durability. This is a great feature that comes in particularly helpful when you are attempting to go up against a somewhat bigger, more forceful bass.

The titanium guides are likewise very helpful in such manner. They have been made great which implies that you don't need to stress over line rubbing or the line snapping when you are attempting to get the bass under control.  I likewise welcome that this a fishing rod that you can use amid any weather conditions. The part hold handle guarantees that you will have the capacity to get a handle on it well, paying little respect to how dangerous it might appear.

All in all, this is a fishing rod that is wonderfully structured which, thus, enables you to appreciate the affect-ability, activity, and durability that it has to table.


  • Incredible affect-ability.
  • Strong.
  • Titanium guides.
  • Part grasp handle.


  • check
    Somewhat expensive contrasted with the different bass fishing rod

5. Okuma's Tournament Quality:

Okuma's Tournament bar is the important final great quality rod choice that we will investigate today. It is made with IM8 pole spaces and accompanies treated steel control outlines that make for the smooth motion of your fishing line. This bar likewise accompanies zirconium direct embeds for the twisted line, and a Fuji DPS carbon reel situate.


  • This pole is made with responsive and astounding IM8 pole spaces.
  • Comes with steel manage outlines, that accommodate the simple development of your fishing line.
  • This rod additionally comes zirconium manage embeds for the meshed line.
  • This bass pole is outfitted with a Fuji DPS carbon reel situate.
  • Another part of this pole you will extremely like is that it comes to a constrained lifetime guarantee.
  • Comes with either premium plug full or part holds.


  • check
    This rod is somewhat more firm and somewhat less delicate than a portion of alternate bars that we have looked at.

6. Maxcatch One-Piece Bass:

What we extremely like about this bar this rod is that it is one strong bit of high modulus IM8 a graphite with a simple to hold AAA review stopper handle. This bar is unfathomably lightweight and extremely solid, while the plug grasp makes it extremely agreeable to clutch your bar. It incorporates an American Tackle Microwave Guideline control framework and a Fuji TVS turning reel situate as well.


  • This great rod is designed from IM8 graphite.
  • It's takes into account greater affectability in the bar while you are fishing.
  • This one of a kind this rod utilizes an American Tackle Microwave manage that gives the ideal line control system.
  • You don't need to stress over getting your line captured or went head to head with this system.
  • This new model incorporates a Fuji TVS turning reel situate.
  • What you may truly enjoy about this fishing pole bar is that it accompanies a lifetime constrained guarantee.
  • One piece development so you don't need to stress over losing pieces or your bar falling apart.


  • It incorporates an American Tackle Microwave Guideline control framework.

7. Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod:

If you have to travel or walk a bit to your most loved fishing spot at that point carrying around a long pole can be somewhat disappointing, especially if you are walking through brush. With this bar, however, it isn't something you have to stress over, however, since it tends to be separated into two pieces for simple traveling. While a few fishermen might be worried about utilizing a two-piece rod, these will vanish when you at long last begin utilizing it.

The guides on this pole are additionally very notable as they offer a grating free ordeal guaranteeing that your line won't destroy, even after some time.
Unfortunately, this isn't the most sturdy bar around. Along these lines, in the event that you will, in general, follow bigger bass, you may wind up with a broken bar. Aside from this, you will think that its hard to turn out badly with this bar.


  • Useful for little to medium measured bass.
  • Simple to go with.
  • Great, smooth aides.


  • check
    Not as sturdy as different things down this list

What to Look for in a Bass Rod:

There are dependably a couple of things I search for in a lovely bass bar. The first thing you should do is settle on 1-piece or 2-pieces. If conceivable, I'm always going to suggest 1-piece since I think the activity and quality of 1-piece rods are better. In any case, 2-piece bars will be going to be simpler to transport, which can be the fundamental reason you need a 2-piece rod.

You also need to pick the length of the bar. I would prescribe 6 feet at any rate and ordinarily, I don't fish with anything over 7'6" – however, there might be some bass fishing systems where an 8-foot bar is a great decision.

You additionally need to ensure you have the correct quality related with your rod. Most fishing methods I utilize work best with a Medium or Medium Heavy bar – yet there are a few strategies like flipping where you need that additional substantial rod. The quality you pick truly will rely upon your favored bass fishing strategy.

                Bass Fishing Rod FAQ:

Q: Can you fly fish for bass? 

A: Yes. Actually, there are numerous people who appreciate fly fishing for smallmouth bass. In any case, that being said this surely isn't the typical gear for bass fishing and in case you're searching for a major largemouth bass you certainly need to run with one of the regular turning bass fishing rod on this list.

Q: How would I make my very own bass fishing bar?

A: There are numerous tutorials online for how to do this, and keeping that we generally encourage including more outside skills to the portfolio, remember in mind this is a genuine skill that sets aside an opportunity to ace. Our Dad does some truly cracking amazing work making custom fishing poles so investigate his Facebook page and let him know what you think!

Q: How would I select a great fishing reel to run with my bass fishing rod? 

A: The Great one is to ensure you run with a reel that can control the sort of battle that a good measured largemouth bass will give you. We suggest a high quality, all around rated, medium activity spinning reel or baitcasting poles. These can give a lot of activity, flexible drag, and will hold up to a genuine battle.


There are numerous ways to spend multi-day, and we grew up trusting that on the off chance that you spent multi-day on the water bass fishing then that was multi-day well spent paying little respect to the outcomes. That being stated, there's no denying that it's significantly more fun when you get the chance to reel some genuine sized bass in. While a typical medium activity bar may do fine for some little to medium sized bass that doesn't squash it, in case you're not kidding about getting that genuinely epic bass you need to arm yourself with one of these top rated dark bass fishing bars!


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